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LLU receives an international excellence certificate "Investor in Excellence"

Attēla autors: No LLU arhīva

LLU quality management system has been found to comply with the international standard "Investors in Excellence". On the 17th of January, during a weekly meeting in the presence of faculty deans, SIA "Latvia Excellence" board member Elvita Rudzāte handed LLU rector Irina Pilvere certificates.

"The audit process was time-consuming, but within one year we proved that our quality management system is compliant with the international standard and that in our work we constantly strive for excellence. It was a valuable experience that helped to look at ourselves and improve the areas in which we are not yet so  successful. The main beneficiaries of it are students, because during previous year we have tried to solve a variety of study-related issues and we will carry on doing it this year so that anyone who wants to study in LLU will have the opportunity to get a  high quality education and study in an orderly environment, "says LLU Rector Irina Pilvere.

She adds that during the implementation of the standard employees were trained on good quality management practices, improved internal communication and facilitated document circulation process, which most directly affects the university staff and the duties performed by them.

As acknowledged by SIA "Latvia Excellence" board member Elvita Rudzāte obtaining the certificate for any organization, including LLU, is an international acknowledgment of excellence.

The process of standard acquisition at LLU started in the summer of 2015, when SIA "Latvia Excellence" representatives for the first time carried out an audit at the university, finding strengths in quality management and identifying areas that must be improved. In September 2015, the University expressed its readiness obtain the "Investors in Excellence" certificate in the next two years and initiated activities to improve the quality management system. A year later the audit was carried out repeatedly and at the end off 2016 LLU received an opinion on the compliance with the international standard "Investors in Excellence".

"Investors in Excellence" standard combines the best approach to excellence, enabling organizations to achieve excellence in the areas that matter most to the organization, its customers, employees and stakeholders. The inclusion of all sectors of activity, "Investors in Excellence" framework helps improve achievement through effective leadership, resource management and service provision. Standard is used by organizations, departments and teams in Latvia, in the UK and around the world to determine what is the most important, and promote continuous improvement.

Submitted on: 14/03/2017